About KiKi

KiKi Maroon clown by Law Stewart

KiKi Maroon is a stand-up comic, podcaster, and international award-winning burlesque clown. Her life on the road as a showgirl has given her a unique voice on stage. Combining stand-up comedy, storytelling, and cabaret, she has been called “a modern day Lucille Ball” (though Lucille never pulled a clown nose out of her panties). KiKi has charmed audiences across the U.S, South America, Europe, and Asia; winning her the titles of  2013 Burlesque Comedy Queen, 2015 People’s Choice at The International Queen Burlesque Festival (Milan, Italy), and an invitation to be a judge at the 2018 Burlesque Hall of Fame (Las Vegas). 

She is currently based in Texas, where she was named one of Houston’s “Most  Colorful Celebrities” by The Houston Chronicle and included in “The 100 Most Creative People” by The Houston Press. In 2019, she began her residency at The House of Blues Houston and The House of Blues Dallas as the host and star of KiKi Maroon’s Burly Q Lounge, a Vegas style cabaret comedy show.

After being a cast member on several radio shows and podcasts, KiKi launched her first solo podcast, Clown, Interrupted. An interview style show, the podcast focuses on artists in recovery and the life choices that led them to sobriety. The podcast received rave reviews and led to her TEDx talk, “The Beauty of Rock Bottom”, which chronicled her journey from alcoholic stripping clown to queen of a burlesque circus empire.

Visit KiKiMaroon.com for comedy, burlesque, and circus tour dates.

KiKi Maroon: Origin Story Video

“F-up Nights” is a global speaker series that shares stories of professional failure, and what each entrepreneur would do differently. In her talk, KiKi gives her origin story while discussing sobriety, struggle, and self worth. Check it out:

TEDx Talk: The Beauty of Rock Bottom