KiKi Maroon podcast

KiKi Maroon podcast

How do you go from being an alcoholic stripping clown to running a multi-media burlesque circus empire? Well..that’s a long story.

While KiKi Maroon figures out how to tell her story, she is reaching out to other sober artists to hear their’s. Comedians, musicians, circus folk, and more talk about being sober in “party scenes”. Some just never tried drinking, others spent years in a blackout (KiKi, unfortunately, relates to the latter).

Clown, Interrupted isn’t a normal “recovery podcast”. There are no rules, there are no assignments. There’s just a girl reaching out to ask, “Hey, how are you doing it?” The resulting conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes serious, often inappropriate, and always honest.

If you don’t drink, you’ll probably relate. If you do drink, you’ll probably be entertained. Because let’s face it, rock bottom stories are kinda hilarious.

The Clown, Interrupted theme song is graciously provided by The Last Domino. You can listen to or purchase the full song HERE.

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