Kay Sera talks about being a sober burlesque dancer on Clown, Interrupted with KiKi Maroon

September 11, 2018

#3 Kay Sera – Burlesque


I recorded this episode at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender in Las Vegas. It’s a burlesque convention and fundraiser for the Burlesque Hall of Fame museum. I was invited to be a judge at this years competition, which was a really big honor for me. I used to go to this event every year and just be a giant wasted mess for 4 days straight. While some great stories came from it (I banged an acrobat) it still wasn’t the best use of my time. It hasn’t been that way for a while now, and I thank this episode’s guest for that: Kay Sera. She gives us a little bit of burlesque history, talks about the museum, and I tell her about how an article she wrote about alcoholism in burlesque changed my life. Kay went from starting her burlesque career to putting herself in an outpatient rehab center in 6 months! She’s since become an an advocate and created the BHOF Bill, which hosts meetings at the Burlesque weekender.

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