July and Honey talk about addiction in the burlesque scene

October 31, 2018

#6 July St. Juniper and Honey Moonpie – Burlesque

Hi. It’s been a little while. I wish I could say I went on vacation, but that’s not even a little true. I had to have surgery to remove some…stuff from one of my breasts before it turned into cancer. It went fine, I am healthy and healing now. But the surgery and all the uncertainty that came with it put me in a very bad place. I DID NOT relapse but for the first time in years, it was really, really hard to not drink this all away. So this episode is completely different. It gets really heavy, really fast. Mostly, it’s a catch-up to explain the last month to you and introduce two very special people. July St. Juniper and Honey Moonpie are my left and right hand women when it comes to the all shows I produce. They are not in recovery, but love someone who is (that’s me).

July has been my rock for years. She began as my intern and has since become my best friend, assistant, and un-official therapist. I wanted them in this episode for two reasons. First off, because they nursed through this last month’s pain, so I can’t do a catchup if you don’t know who they are. And second, I always talk to the unravelers. This time I wanted to ask someone (or two), “how do you deal with someone you love unraveling in front of you?”

They are amazing. I love them. I hope you love them too.

Coincidently, this month is breast cancer awareness month, so feel yourself up. It might have saved my life. Maybe it’ll save yours too. 

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