KiKi Maroon podcast guest Paul McRae

May 4, 2020

#12 Paul McRae – Art Cars

If you’ve ever been to (or seen photos from) Burning Man, you are familiar with Art Cars. They’re those crazy mutant vehicles you see driving around, like mobile sculptures. There are so many kinds of Art Cars! Some people paint them, some people do mosaic tiling, some people sculpt around the cars, and one person welded two flamethrowers and a stripper pole on the roof of their car! That person is Paul McRae. I spent more than one drunken night pole-dancing on the roof of his car like I was in a goddamn Whitesnake video, so I was shocked to find out that he’s been sober for over 30 years! He is a staple in Houston’s Art Car scene and in this episode, he educates me on how diverse that scene is. My very narrow field of vision made me think that all Art Car events were mini drunken Burning Man’s, but apparently – that was just me. Art Car parades are family friendly events around the country, many schools even use it as an art project for their kids! It just goes to show: you see what you want to see. While I was a drunken mess, I wanted to see the Art Car scene as crazy people looking for a reason to party. Now I see that it’s crazy talented artists from all around the world, finding new ways to bring art to the public. And I have to tell you, I like this view a lot more.

Paul and I talk about that, Mick Jagger, being a control freak, hearing voices, and more:

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